There has never been a more challenging time for the NHS, with advances in new technologies, treatments and care models requiring NHS organisations to anticipate and adapt to change at an incredible pace in order to meet the current and future demands of a diverse and growing population. Of course, these challenges have been significantly magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, as our health services continue to learn to live with the impact of the virus, and a legacy of delayed presentations and unprecedented waiting lists.  We strongly believe that the NHS can only meet this challenge through effective collaboration which makes best use of its resources, and in particular the NHS’s most valuable resource, its people.

SCL was founded by Michael Barber in order to deliver consultancy services of the highest quality, grounded in significant experience and technical expertise, in order to provide NHS organisations with practical insight, real implementation and Value for Money. SCL works with like-minded and trusted partners in order to deliver services at scale.

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